Why Join Covetella

Why Join Covetella

Why Join Covetella

Covetella is the world’s first curated online marketplace that focuses on connecting talented designers of beautiful dresses and accessories with customers from all over the world. We believe that the current distribution channels for these designers are insufficient, unfocused, and uninspiring. Covetella is disrupting these traditional channels by providing designers with a unique platform to gain access to their target market and expand their brand globally.


Get Global Distribution

Everyday, savvy shoppers from all over the world come to Covetella looking for the perfect dress. Looking to reach your ideal target audience? Let us do that for you! We have the online experience and a team dedicated to marketing Covetella and all of its designers worldwide.

You're in Good Company

Unlike other marketplaces, Covetella carefully curates the designers featured on our site through a rigorous selection process. We do this to ensure we only have the best designers with the most unique products whilst creating a high-quality environment for customers and designers alike.

It's Easy

Selling on Covetella takes just a few minutes. We have worked to make the whole process as easy as possible for our designers. Once you've been approved, you just fill out the Designer Inventory Spreadsheet, send us your images, and we take care of the rest. We also offer free local photography services to help you present your products in best way possible and optimize customer experience. Payment is quick and easy too - once a piece is sold, you receive an email with all the order details and we send you the money straight to your account within a few weeks.

You Have Nothing To Lose

Opening an account and selling items on Covetella is FREE. There's no listing, joining, monthly or membership fees. We only take a commission* when a sale occurs, providing you with another global distribution channel at no extra cost.

No Shipping Costs

Covetella supports its community of brands as much as possible. We understand that shipping costs can be high, customs fees can be substantial and trips to the post office can be time consuming. That’s why we have built a partnership with DHL where we take care of everything! Simply package the piece and DHL will collect it from you, shipping to your customer in 1-5 days anywhere worldwide, free of charge to you! We even take care of any incurred import taxes or customs fees for your customers, so there’s no need to worry.

We Take Care of Our Designers

We started Covetella because we wanted to help the best designers and brands gain global visibility and access to customers around the world who would be inspired by their creations. We spend time making sure our designers know what to do to best represent their pieces online and set them up to succeed.

Still have more questions about how we work? Contact us at contact@covetella.com