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"I had a great experience - I rented a dress for my work D&D party with a masquerade theme. My daughter designed my mask and covetella had the perfect princess dress to go with it. It arrived without a hitch and I won best dressed at the party and got lots of compliments! Thank you for a great experience Covetella- lots of my friends and colleagues are now interested to try you guys out!"

- Sohini Sengupta

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"From the start to the end an extremely professional team helped me. They have a great collection of dresses and the staff make you feel at home and they are great stylists. I'm so glad I visited covetella and picked one of their gorgeous golden dresses for my birthday evening. Thank you Covetella I will be back soon. Thank you Carol."

- Lucy Chatterjee

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"Rented the Silver Shine Embellished Belt Gown for my mum for my big day and the service was incredible at the showroom and the gown was delivered straight to our house!

But the best thing is THE GOWN LOOKS SUPER AMAZING and we got so many compliments for it!
We have been to Covetella and a few other dress rental places but Covetella has dresses that are suited for almost all ages and body types - made my mum so happy!"

- Ma Su Mon Yi

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"Simply the best options of dresses available for every occasion and excellent service every single time 👍."

- Mona Kruise

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"Among all the shops that i've checked, Covetella has the widest range of quality dresses/gowns to choose from. 

They are very efficient , flexible and very reliable. Anastasia and Gabriela were very accommodating and extra helpful during my visit to look for the gown that best fits me and the occasion.
And it's hassle free coz they will take care of the delivery and collection of the item as well...
Cheers to Covetella!"

- Zuzette Vida Malapajo

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"Covetella has dresses that make you look and feel like a goddess at affordable prices! Ana is also a gem! She knew what styles I liked from prior conversations and had already put aside the dresses she thought I would like before I even went in for the fitting. The first dress I tried was the winner, but I still had to try on a few others just to make sure! Heh! Definitely recommend Covetella! I wish I had known about you last year in December when I had a James Bond black tie event to dress to the nines for...but no worries, I'm sure I'll have plenty of events in 2016 where I will need your gorgeous dresses 


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Covetella's indeed every girl's Fairy Godmother! Each and every piece of the stunning designer gowns are of top notch quality. When I first walked in, I was really impressed at the wide variety of apparels all neatly displayed according to their colours and length.. but what struck me most was the stunning material of the chiffon gowns selected and the sparkling crystals that are of premium quality! Gown rentals of such quality are really affordable and highly recommended for your special occasion."

- Lecinlurve

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"Absolutely delighted with my recent experience with Covetella. Looking for the perfect dress for a gala may be stressful, but any trace of stress vanished as soon as I walked through the door of this fantastic place.

The recommendations for style, quality and variety of gowns, accessories and the impecable customer service made for an outstanding experience. Not only did I find the perfect dress for the occasion, but the ease of use of the service as well as the way staff personally looked after every detail throughout the process placed Covetella as my top go-to place for any occasion. I cannot recommend Covetella high enough. No matter your size or style, rest assured you will find the perfect gown for any occasion."

- Vanina Santana - Sweeney

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"I rented dresses for my 2 daughters and Anastasia was such a great help! She understood their needs and as a result, I had 2 princesses happy to go to their formal and graduation. They were so pleased with the choice of their dress! I will certainly recommend Covetella to anyone wanting to rent a party gown. The choice is amazing and the service is excellent!"

- Mireille Rice

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