It can be nerve-racking to choose the right dress for an engagement party. Although there is a set dress code, your problems don't end there because you have nothing to wear. To reduce the risk of showing up in a repeat dress from another party, you can opt for renting a dress to choose from hundreds of styles.

Anyway, to make you job easier in selecting a dress, we have collated a few tips you need to know.

What Are the Choices?

The first thing to be noted is the dress options available that can be worn to the party. For example, for a semi-formal engagement event that takes place at a party hall, you can go in evening dresses. If it’s a beach party or club party, you can go for dress options that are more fun. However, most of the engagement parties will have cocktail dresses as their dress code.

What Suits You Best?

Obviously, the perfect dress is one which makes you look gorgeous by highlighting the best aspects of your physique. For instance, a woman with the pear-shaped body should choose an A-line cut dress to look astounding.


Engagement parties are hardly surprises, therefore you will have enough time to plan the outfits and accessories before the party. Choosing the right accessories may make or break your outfit. Accessories like jewelry, shawl, clutch bags should complement the gown by color and jewelry chosen should suit the formality of the event.

Be creative in choosing accessories, for example, if you are wearing a little black dress, you can wear a colorful statement necklace to achieve a unique look.