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Posted on June 20 2017



It’s that time of the year again…where everyone you know seems to have spontaneously found their life partner and is dispensing wedding invitations left and right. Amongst all the joy and excitement, these occasions can become rather stressful when only one daunting question lurks behind your mind: “what do I wear??” 

As we all know, wedding guest outfits can be extremely tricky. You should never be overdressed to outshine the bride, and yet, never be underdressed to show disrespect. Be it an alfresco garden wedding or a majestic castle wedding, Covetella’s how-to-dress guide will have you looking just as good without being too over-the-top!

1. Garden Weddings

What to Wear to Garden Weddings

Botanic Gardens or Gardens by the Bay are classic wedding venues that will never go out of style. With a mix of earthly delights and sprawling floral, this picturesque setting is most accurately described as a more sophisticated twist to an alfresco brunch time affair.

An outdoor wedding can be extremely humid, so avoid thick and heavy clothing but choose short and lighter pieces instead. Make sure to pick vibrant colours and/or paisley designs that align with the seasonable blooms. Personally, I find these sweet and feminine touches most suitable when basking in such afternoon fêtes.

2. Beach Weddings

What to Wear to a Beach Wedding

Another popular location would be Sentosa Cove or even Tanjong Beach Club. These seaside destinations are perfect for couples daydreaming of soft sand, cool breeze and stunning sunset.

Opt for long chiffon dresses that flow in the wind, creating flattering silhouettes against the twilight sky. I would recommend multicolor prints or ombré gradient to portray a more laid-back and effortless aesthetic.

3. Bali Weddings

What to Wear to Bali Resort Weddings

In recent years, Bali has become the ultimate paradise destination for weddings. You’re spoilt for choice with the plethora of luxurious options, such as Nusa Dua, Latitude Hotel, Blue Point and many more. They serve breathtaking scenery and astounding cliff top views, definitely a step up from your average beach or garden wedding.

Likewise, wedding guests are expected to dress more elegantly as well. Choose beautiful bold colours and romantic sheer fabrics to carry this sense of sophistication and style that matches the upscale location.

4. Church Weddings

What to Wear to Church Weddings

What’s more romantic and intimate than a church wedding with your family and loved ones? Celebrate this solemn and sacramental moment in the charming St. Andrew Cathedral or the exquisite White Rabbit (a beautifully restored 1930s Ebenezer chapel).

Don’t wear anything too flashy but keep the attire neat and conservative; preferably dressed in more muted colours and below-the-knee lengths. Dress up these minimalist outfits with unique cutouts and flare sleeves. Who says you can’t be both covered and stylish?

5. Hotel Weddings

What to Wear to Hotel Evening Weddings

If you’re all about the city glamour, 5-star hotels like Marina Bay Sands and Fullerton Bay is where you want to be for that special night.

This sort of evening affair demands effort and attention to details – turning up in jeans or a casual cocktail is a huge no-no. Style yourself in classic gowns with refined designs, like intricate laces or ruched patterns to look a cut above the rest.

6. Castle Weddings

What to Wear to Castle Weddings

To my astonishment, castle weddings have become increasingly popular venues. This nuptial is the very definition of a fairytale wedding, straight out of your wildest imaginations and fantasies. Hence, as a wedding guest, you shouldn’t hold back on your eveningwear! After all, how often do you actually go to a European castle?

Be donned in embellished gowns or other elaborate pieces to capture the majestic and timeless spirit of the venue.

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