Wedding season is upon us! It’s not just the bride who gets stressed as to what to wear, but the guest as well. The hardest part is how to stay true to your own style aesthetic while following the wedding theme. From chic city venue, summer beachside, to rustic countryside wedding, Covetella has you covered!

The Church Ceremony

The first rule to any wedding is stray away from white colors for your dress selection. Not all brides wear white, but it is better to be safe than sorry. In the off chance that you’re dying to wear white florals are your best option. You can also incorporate colors that are off-white, like gold and simmer patterns or pastel hues. This is a perfect way you can elevate simple shapes while putting your original taste to it. We would suggest a modest dress for the church ceremony, sporting sophisticated silhouettes with ruffles, fluted sleeves, or a-line dress.

Il'Mio Dress: $300 Badgley Dress $250 Jolie Earrings: $20 Spiky Sone Earrings: $30

Luxe Welcome Lunch

Who says long dresses are the only elegant option? Especially in the summer, you can get away with wearing shorter lengths while still remaining chic and elegant. Go with a flowy short or mid length dress and throw on a trench for a more structured look. This is the perfect fem meets masculine look. Top it off with a cute belt to synch the waist and pair it with sparkly heels and you’re good to go.

Sheike Dress: $80 Chiara Boni Dress $160 Spiky Stone Earrings: $30 Jolie Earrings: $20

Destination/Beach Wedding

Destination Weddings are for sure our favorites. The excitement of travel always inspires you to experiment with new styles. Since Singapore is in such a great location, most destinations include beach resorts to Bali or Thailand. Our go to looks would be more of an easy glam – think flowy, simple pieces that give you an effortless glow. Throw on a slip silk dress, light pastels, or florals, and a pair it with sunglasses. And don’t forget, the highlighter is key to accentuate your fresh golden tan.

Simone Irani Dress: $60 Selphiebong Dress $150 Boheme Earrings: $40 Shaze Crystal Earrings: $30

Glam City Wedding

This is where you can up the glam and bring out all the stops. For all you ladies that love to dress up we suggest a longer and show-stopping dress. The mermaid silhouette is one of our go to’s, because not only does it accentuate your body in all the right places, but its also a perfect way to experiment with more structured fabrics. You can also bring out the sequins and sparkle like a queen under the city lights. Pop on a red lip and there is no doubt the spotlight will be on you for the night.

Francis Cheong Dress: $400 Prive Dress $250 Jolie drop Earrings: $20 Jolie Blue Stone Earrings: $20 Jolie Clutch: $40

The Garden Party

Nothing goes better with an outdoor wedding than a chic garden setting. Again, florals and pastels are your best bet here. You could also include ornate jewelry to put more of an Alice in Wonderland twist to a classic outfit. Another staple is a nice lace dress that brings a pop of color to the venue. Top this off with crisp earrings and bag and you’re good to go.

John Paul Ataker Dress: $250 Michael Cinco Dress $500 Jolie crystal drop Earrings: $20 Boheme Earrings: $40

After Party

No matter the location, strip off the formalities and put on your dancing shoes for the after party. Here we recommend going for something shorter, tight and club ready. The most important thing however is too be comfortable because of the ultimate goal is to dance the night away.

Balmain Dress: $180 Saint Laurent Dress $300 YSL Chain Bag: $50 Jolie Ellipse: $30

Enjoy the weddings babes, and as always, Covatella has you covered – no matter the location or event.

Love, Covetella


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