Being a bridesmaid for your best friend’s wedding is both an honour and extremely exhilarating! However, it’s no walk in the park when it inevitably gets exhausting, stressful and expensive. And one of the biggest dramas will be… bridesmaid dress shopping.

Since there are endless types of bridesmaid dresses, Covetella has picked out a few select styles and inspirations for what to wear as a bridesmaid. Read on and avoid the drama!

Traditionally, bridesmaids are expected to wear dresses of similar colour and style. With this expectation to match in mind, a bridesmaid dress shouldn’t be too complex but kept clean and replicable. But that doesn’t mean you should look like replicas!

Change up each look by opting for various forms of pleated designs in the same shade of chosen colour.

Step away from simple casual to a more chic aesthetic with these types of elegant material and refined designs.

Bridesmaids should look sophisticated, NOT boring! Replace simple monochrome dresses with ombre pieces for that soft yet distinguishing touch.

A general rule of thumb is to NEVER wear white – whether you’re a guest or worse, the bridesmaid. Rather, it’s advised to go for off-white colours instead: like beige or cream. Achieve timeless elegance in Victorian-inspired bridesmaid wear by donning lacey fabrics and/or crochet designs.

In some cases, brides actually encourage their bridesmaids to shine bright like a diamond in gowns entirely sequined from head to toe. However, do not take the bride’s generosity for granted and go ALL-OUT. Keep the embellishments to a minimal because the fastest way to sabotage this holy matrimony is…stealing her limelight.

Why spend more money than you ought to? Rent a beautiful bridesmaid dress for the BIG day, without feeling the pinch in your wallet. Book an appointment with us and check out our extensive selection of bridesmaid wear that’s available in every colour, material and design!


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