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Posted on January 13 2017



Got an invitation for an event with black tie dress code? Wondering if it is alright to wear a jacket over for the event? Well, it is pretty normal to get confused because nobody amongst us is a master of dress code analysis. We at Covetella provides rent a dress in Singapore service for all sort of events.

However much information you have on the different dress codes, we have collated some basic information for you when it comes to formal dress codes. Read on to know how you can help yourself dress at your best in every formal event you attend.

Black Tie Event

Black Tie event refers to a semi-formal event which would probably happen after sunset. Owing to its tradition from the 19th century British and American parties, black tie events offers the easiest and standard choice for you to dress up. For men, black tie events expect a black tuxedo with formal black shoes. For women a floor-length gown is the expected, the standard is a cocktail dress that isn’t revealing or a hemline dress which goes down to the floor.

Black Tie Optional

If you get an event invite with the Black Tie Optional dress code, be sure you can be more casual in dressing. Men can opt for dark suits with colors like dark gray, dark blue or navy with a tie. Women have the option to wear evening dresses or an ankle-length gown with a formal look.

Black Tie Creative

This is a recent addition to the black tie dress code. The creativity can be brought in via a choice of colors, patterns, and accessories. Men and women have the choice to go with flashy colors and not-too-casual accessories in black tie creative events. The attire can be red, blue or gray with black bow tie. Women also go for a different look with a knee-length gown or even a cocktail dress with a cowboy hat.

Festive Dress Code

The name says it well, if you are invited for a festive dress code party, you have absolute freedom to be creative and show up in your sequin-filled blouse and a red skirt. Men should wear a holiday-themed tie for added creative points.

Business Formal

This is not for the evening parties, but for formal lunches or business conferences. Men would be expected to be in a suit accompanied by a tie, and women in a pantsuit or a tailored dress which is formal in nature. It clearly means a very formal business meeting and one is expected to dress appropriately.

White Tie

It refers to the highest level of formal dressing where men are expected to show up with a white bow tie, black coat with tails, and a white pique vest over a white formal dress shirt. Women have to be in floor-length evening gowns with gloves on hands. Expect it to be the most formal occasion when you are invited to an event with a white tie dress code

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