At Covetella, we cater to women of all shapes and sizes – from petite XXS to plus size XXXL – we leave no one behind. Get the best styling strategies to look and feel your best for full-figured women through our various tricks under the sleeve ;) Why wait? Book your personal styling appointment with us now!

Color Blocks

Color blocking has evolved into a trend that not only accepts but also even crowns colour block dresses as the pinnacle of modern chic elegance.

On the left, the dark side panels create the appearance of a slimmer figure. Similarly, on the right, the inverted V-shaped colour blocks serve to accentuate and make smaller one’s waistline with the dark midsection.

Go Black

Black has always been known as the ‘slimming colour’ and a must-have staple in every wardrobe. In general, dark monochrome schemes work magic for ladies that want to appear slimmer by drawing a long and lean continuous line.


Stay Structured

The other most important factor to a flattering garment would be its fit and material. Avoid wearing flimsy fabrics that could highlight bumps or make you appear bulkier than you actually are. Instead, go for thicker materials that provide structure and give definition to your body.

A peplum top and/or high-waisted flare skirt are great in enhancing existent curves and forming hourglass silhouettes.

Stripes or Pleats

According to British psychologists, it's been confirmed that stripes have the capability to elongate your body through “optical illusion”. And contrary to popular belief, horizontal stripes do not make one appear wider. *phew*

As for pleated designs, they're tactical in covering our tummy areas by disrupting the smoothness of the fabric. Rather than clinging mercilessly, it drapes down to keep any lumps or bumps hidden from sight!

Layer Your Outfit

I love layered outfits as they show more complex details and thoughtful effort into the entire ensemble. Don’t hesitate to throw on a shawl or layer under a blazer to achieve this slenderising silhouette that shrinks width of midsection and stylishly covers arms for those shy to show them.

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