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Posted on May 27 2017



With the kind of price tag designer clothes has, affording them is almost impossible unless one robs a bank. However, you can look gorgeous without spending thousands of dollars every year on designer clothes. Here are some tips to help you achieve designer looks without spending huge amounts of money.

Variety of Jewelry

You must have enough variety, both in terms of style and color, of jewelry pieces. This way you’ll have something that you can wear with every outfit in your wardrobe. You will no longer have to worry about buying matching jewelry for every new outfit. Focus on variety and you’ll have more options for every outfit.

Clothes Which Don’t Go Out of Season

Unless you bring a fat check home every month and can afford to spend a few thousand of dollars on satisfying your need to look fashionable, you will find it hard to keep up with the majority of current trends. Trends change extremely quickly and it is not possible—or even practical—to chase after them. Instead, a better strategy is to ensure that most part of your closet is filled with clothes that are evergreen. Examples include a black cocktail dress, a flattering pair of jeans, etc. You can purchase evening gowns and cocktail dresses from any of the evening gowns shops in Singapore. You can also save a lot of money by shopping at thrift stores, where you can often find great clothes at great prices.  

Clothes Which Match Your Body Type

Don’t buy a dress just because it is in trend or because your friend wore it and looked great in it. Instead, purchase dresses that are suitable for your body type. For instance, women having a pear-shaped body (upper part smaller than lower part) need formal dresses which accentuate their slim shoulders and at the same time shift focus off the hips. If you have a pear-shaped body and are looking for a suitable evening dress, try halter-neck gowns. On the other hand, if you have an inverted triangle body shape (a big bust, broad shoulder and slender hips and legs), you would be much off wearing dresses having a lot of detailing in the lower half. Opt for dresses which should make your upper body more noticeable and the lower less.

Nice Purses

A good accessory to your dress will be a purse that will match any other bag that you are carrying with you. For instance, if you are wearing a formal gown, a clutch should go with it. Also, try not to carry more than two types of bags at one point in time.

Smart Bras

You should get yourself fitted for a bra from a reliable bra fit specialist. A badly fitting bra, besides looking unflattering, affects the way clothing fits you. After you’ve learned your correct bra size, buy bras having different cuts and styles, like a strapless bra, convertible bra, or plunge bra. This way you will have a lot of options to choose from.  

Finally, don’t shy from visiting a dress rental Singapore shop in case you need a special dress for some unexpected event. There’s no point in buying an expensive dress that you plan to wear only once.

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