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Posted on January 11 2017



Do you get confused about choosing matching bags with your evening dresses every time you have to attend a party? Choosing the right bag can either make or break an entire outfit in a party.

Before choosing your bag, you have to first pick up the perfect dress, matching jewelry and complementing footwear. Choosing the right bag is not easy for many women but If you go for rent a dress Singapore shops, you will be able to get bundled set with outfits and accessories together at a cheaper price. Here are some essential tips and tricks to choose your perfect evening bag.

Formality of the Occasion

The formality of the event should be taken into consideration when picking the bag, for a formal event, a smaller bag or clutch would be perfect. Make sure that the bag can fit your essentials like your identity cards and your makeup products like a lipstick and foundation.

Choose the Color  

Another tip would the choice of color of the bag, if you are wearing a black or white dress, it would be wise to go for a colored bag to draw attention towards you. A bright red clutch would definitely look awesome with your little black dress or a designer leather bag will match a white dress. On the other hand, if you are wearing a bright colored dress, you can choose a darker shade of the same color.

Matching Designs

If you are a fan of dresses with larger prints or heavy patterns, you can choose the designer bags to match the prints and patterns. For instance, if you are wearing a yellow gown with big blue floral prints, choose a blue colored solid bag or clutch to match the overall look.

Material & Shape

Bags come in different material and patterns. It can be satin, metallic, sequined, fur, beaded, leather, silk etc. It can be also of different shapes like round, lip-shaped, heart-shaped, and with rectangular being the most common. Your choice of the evening bag should complement the patterns, material and style of the dress you select.

Match Your Jewelry

The bag you pick should not only complement your attire, but also the jewelry you wear, if you are opting for a silver earring and a silver necklace, pick a bag or clutch which has some silver embellishment in it.

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