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Posted on January 26 2017



‘What should I wear?’ is often a stressful question for fashionistas with a wedding invite on their hands. You need to prepare yourself for the occasion in a way that should fit the theme of the wedding. Here are some tips for choosing the proper attire as a guest in a wedding.

What to Consider?

The first factor to be considered is ‘Who’s Wedding?’ The wedding attire rules for guests may differ according to the culture. For instance, in certain countries, white colors are strictly prohibited for guests whereas, in other countries, white is fine

The time of wedding is also important. If the wedding takes place during the evening, you can opt for evening dresses. Another factor to be considered is the location of the wedding. You need to be more conservative in your dressing if the wedding is located in a religious building or if it’s a beach wedding, the choice of dress can be vastly different.

What to Wear

Apart from the factors above, make sure you check with the host about the dress code for the wedding before starting your preparation. To be able to let you choose from hundreds of styles, Covetella offers rent a dress services for a dream closet you always wanted.

For a white-tie wedding, an elegant gown would be the go-to choice. For a beach wedding setting, semi-formal style like the maxi dress, casual skirts and tops for beaches are the common choices.

Be Comfortable!

Apart from dressing according to the dress code, you shouldn’t compromise on your comfort level too. As the event may require you to be there for hours pick the dress as per your comfort level.

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