Need to attend a wedding but now sure about what to wear? Well, here are 8 tips to help you pick an appropriate dress.

Wear Anything but White

Only one person should be wearing white in a wedding and that’s the bride. It’s true that nowadays some brides don’t opt to wear a white dress, but nevertheless, you should leave your white dresses at home. In case you don’t have a formal dress in any color than white, you really don’t have to spend $500 for a dress that you will wear for only one night. There are many dress rental in Singapore where you can get a great dress for rent at reasonable price.

Don’t Forget the Rule of One

Sure, you have an awesome body figure, which you love to flaunt, but a wedding is not the event to dress provocatively or boldly. Avoid showing too much skin in a wedding. Let the bride be the center of the attraction. Your dress can include one sexy element, like a low back, neckline, or a plunging line, but not more than that.

Accessorize Befittingly

Another important tip is to accessorize appropriately. This will ensure you’ll look great but without drawing all the attention, for good or bad reasons, toward you.

Look at the Wedding Invitation

Apart from noting the wedding date, venue, and other details, check the invitation for any clues regarding the dress code. For instance, if the wedding invitation has ‘semi-formal’ written on it, you should dress accordingly. If there’s no dress code mentioned, and often this is the case, check the venue. For instance, if the wedding is happening in a church, you might want to dress a little conservatively.

Try to Avoid Popular Colors

You might want to pass dresses in popular colors like navy, gray, purple or coral, for the simple reason this could be the color of the bridesmaids. Keeping this tip in mind helps especially if you have no information on the dresses the bridesmaids will wear before the event. If you want to wear a dress in a popular color, you can opt to add a crop jacket or belt to ensure you don’t accidentally end up looking like the bridesmaids

Being Under-Dressed Is a Stupid Mistake

It is many times better to be over-dressed than to be under-dressed. Even when the wedding invitation is listed as ‘casual’, avoid wearing jeans, tank tops, shorts, or flip-flops.

Don’t Hog the Show

In all likelihood, there would be plenty of pictures taken during the event, and that’s why it is necessary you dress appropriately. It is important that the bride, and only she, should stand out in the wedding photos. In case it’s a black-tie wedding, you should wear a long dress, the kind you see in those evening gowns Singapore shops.  Don’t wear a super-short dress that shows a lot of skin.

Be Confident

There’s no reason for you to feel any kind of pressure because it’s not your day. Follow the guidelines and just be yourself.