Fashion doesn’t wait for anybody. It is up to you to wear what’s in trend or be left behind. Contrary to what many believe, simple tips—like the ones discussed in this blog post—can help you stay fashionable seven days a week.  

Black Pants

Your wardrobe must always include a black pants made of a smooth fabric. They are perfect for casual as well as little formal occasions, as you can pair them up with many different tops. For a formal get-together, wear a satin top and some matching jewelry.

Cocktail Dress

Another must have dress is a cocktail dress. If you want to own only one, go black. A black cocktail dress is perfect for formal dinners. There are many evening gowns Singapore shops, so you have many choices at your disposal. One thing you must keep in mind is that when it comes to a cocktail dress, you should pick one that’s most suitable for your body type.

Shirts and Skirts

As far as shirts and skirts are concerned, you should have more than one of each and in different colors in your wardrobe. Again, while buying shirts and skirts, pick those which are more suitable for your body type.

One thing you must always remember is that you don’t have to follow someone else’s style. You can do that if you really, really want to do. However, the point we are making is that it is very much possible to have your own original style and look great. So trust in your fashion sense and wear what your heart says and, of course, pocket allows.


One accessory you can’t do without, more so if you are a woman, is hats. There are plenty of options here for women. For example, you can don a beach hat, floppy hat, or stylish sun hat with a casual dress.


Need a few pair of jeans? When it comes to jeans, almost every store offers so many options that you might become overwhelmed. Well, style gurus recommend picking more of straight legs jeans, boot cut, and classic styling. This is because these basics work out well for nearly everyone.

Hair Color

Want a darker shade for your hair? If your skin tone is light and you want to dye the hair, you might want to select dark brown or some other shade close to it, instead of black, which might make you look washed out.

Rental Shops

Ensure you know at least a 2-3 good dress rental Singapore shops. There will be those occasions for which you might not find any suitable dress in your wardrobe and wouldn’t like to buy an expensive dress especially for that occasion only. Well, for these times, as well as others, a dress rental shop can help you look drop-dead gorgeous without burning a hole in your pocket.