Do you often get confused about the demarcation between formal and semi formal dresses? Well, because your dress is a showcase of your personality, it is highly recommended that the dress you choose fits the mood of the occasion or event you attend. The article here speaks about formal and semi formal dresses which are often not easy to differentiate.

Formal Dress

Formal dresses describe typical upscale clothing that is worn at formal social events like weddings or formal parties. However, the formal wear is relative to the cultural specification of the place as some of the cultures have their own way of formal dressing. For a basic understanding, formal dressing can constitute both black and white tie events.

White Tie Events

For women, it is quite challenging to dress for white tie events. To spoil yourself with choices, you can opt to rent a dress. A formal gown is expected dress for a white tie event and needs to be floor-length and not in bright colors nor eye-catching prints and patterns. Part of the dress code will require gloves to be worn with light jewelry in precious metals or pearls, high-heeled footwear.  

Semi-Formal Dress

As the name suggests, semi-formal events give you more freedom in dressing up but with its limits. Choice of dress should be somewhere between casual and formal.

A woman can go for a floor-length gown, ankle-length dress, a cocktail dress or a hemline dress while selecting evening dresses. However, it should not be revealing too much of skin and do consider adding accessories like an elegant evening bag and fine jewelry around your neck and wrists.