The fun thing about attending an event is the fact that you get to dress up and look all glamorous. I mean, which lady doesn't enjoy dolling up?
 So you got your dress, your accessories and heels ready still don't know what to do with your hair and they say,
"Your hair is 90% of your selfie" 

here are some of the quickest and easiest ways to get a new hairstyle!

1. Romantic Low Messy Bun

For ladies with long hair, or probably hair length that goes over your shoulders, you might want to go with a low messy bun. As well as ladies who are going to wear dresses that are really simple, messy bun is always a yes to go with. An additional braid will even spice up the whole look!

Since braids and curls with bun are usually deemed as the feminine type, here are some dress inspirations:

How to:

2. Stylish Tie-Back Ponytail

If you'd like the sleek and clean look then you should try this hairstyle out. Super simple, super easy. Might require quite an amount of hairspray though!

Dress inspirations:

How to:

3. Half Ponytail

An amazing thing about half ponytails is that there are actually m a n y different ways to go about doing this hairstyle, super fun!

Curly? Straight? With braids? It's all up to your preference! Half ponytails are great for fickle minded people and the best friend for people who have flat hair. It gives an extra "push" volume, why not right?

Dress inspirations:

How to:

4. Shoulder Length

Some people think that you cannot do much when you have short hair but hey, that's not true. Loose wavy curls, half bun or even a braid!

Dress Inspirations:

How to:

Here you go ladies!

Now go enjoy your hair-do and have fun at the event!

PS: All inspiration dresses are from Covetella



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