Want to know how you can make your clothes work for you big time? Well, here are 6 top tips for you. Read on.

Personalize Your Dress Code

Are you eyeing a promotion or very close to one? Experts believe is it all the more important for you to really look closely at what you wear to the office. Most of the time we don’t have our own dress code and instead, we copy what others are wearing. Are you doing the same? If yes, you should make it a point to personalize your dress code to suit your personality and official position.

Working office ladies often make the mistake of wearing ballet flats which are super-casual and completely unsuitable in the corporate world, even if the dress code in your company is smart/casual. Likewise, if there’s a formal company event, you should wear something appropriately, like a simple, elegant evening gown. There are many evening gowns Singapore shops from you easily find a full range of evening dresses to choose from.

Make an Effort Every Day of the Week

A number of people make the mistake of dressing up only when there’s an important meeting or when the top brass of the company is in town. They forget that their boss and colleagues see them every day and judge them based on what they wear normally. You have got to keep up with what you wear daily, only then you will be able to make a good and lasting impression.

Be Sensible on Casual Fridays

If you are not careful, casual Fridays can hurt you badly. It wouldn’t do much harm if you dress up little more conservatively on casual Fridays. On the other hand, wearing something inappropriate thinking it is ‘casual’ can hurt you big time. For instance, wearing linen or cotton pants through which your underwear can be seen will ruin your impression, once and for all.

Have a Budget for Your Work Clothes

You create a budget for your holidays, right? You even budget for new furniture. But when it comes to your work clothes, very few would think about creating a separate budget for it. It is time you set your priorities right and create a budget for your work clothes, especially if you are aiming for a promotion.

Be Known for Something

When we see a colleague wearing a great pair of shoes or unique jewelry, we often compliment them about it. Well, the same can happen to you. You can ensure that you are known in the office about something, like awesome shoes, handbags, or jewelry.

Rent a Dress for a One-off Event

If there’s a very special one-time formal event and you don’t have an appropriate dress, it is much better to rent an amazing $500 worth dress for a few dollars than buying a mediocre dress. There are many dress rental in Singapore which caters to this specific need.