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Posted on January 09 2017



Your style is a reflection of your personality, from the evening dresses you wear to the accessories you pick will show your personality.

When choosing a dress, it should complement your body figure.When choosing jewelry, it should complement the face shape. Women will often be able to choose a dress to accentuate their features well but rarely know how pick jewelry to match their facial features. When choosing Covetella for rent a dress services in Singapore, we will assist and provide professional opinions for jewelry selection. For starters, here is how you can identify the shape of your face. 

Identify Your Face Shape

If you read in depth into the anatomy of the human face, you will know there are seven different face shapes. Your face may be of oval, rectangular, diamond, square, heart or inverted triangle, pear or triangle, or round. To correctly identify your face shape, pull all your hair to the back using hairpins. Take a picture of your face to identify the shape of your face.

Oval Face

People with the oval face are lucky, as they can opt to wear any kind of necklaces. Both long chain and choker necklaces goes well for oval-faced people. When it comes to earrings, it is better to avoid lengthy ones to look complement your evening dresses.

Round Face

For people with round face, a lengthy or long-looped necklace will look good on you. You can easily accentuate long and vertical styles, including dangles hoops and narrow chandeliers earrings.

Rectangular Face

If you have a rectangular face, you will probably have a consistent width from the forehead, cheekbones, to chin with sharper side angles. As quoted from a fashion expert, “Large beads at the base of the neck help shorten the look of the face. Necklaces with heavy or bold focal components are another good option for you. These face shapes can pull off wearing larger, bold style earrings. Ones with lots of movement and drama are good choices.”

Triangular Face

For the triangular-shaped face, ‘Short necklaces with curves will cut off the length of the jaw line. Chokers or collars work well. Even longer, multiple layered chains are an option’.

Diamond-shaped Face

Go for low-hanging necklaces with big pendants if you have a diamond-shaped face. Any type of earrings would look good on you be it crystals or angular beads.

Square Face

The square-faced comes with a strong jaw line. Whatever that draws attention towards the neckline is a preferable choice for people with a square-shaped face, for instance, long necklaces will look good on such facial shape.

Pear-shaped Face

“Triangle shaped faces need short necklaces with gentle curves to soften the strong jaw line. Looking for something with a gentle curve under the jaw can lengthen the look of the face.”

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