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Posted on December 08 2016



Getting dressed in finest of attires is a common dream for all fashionistas, however, in order to be the best, you have to keep on shopping as the trends changes.  But are those shopping sprees emptying your pockets? If the shopaholic in you want to cut down the spending yet still be in trend, this article might be for you. We will show you how to shop smart and bring down your apparel budget, but at the same time looking gorgeous as ever.

Why always Buy?

You do not have to buy clothes that often and spend your earnings to buy designer dresses, there is an upcoming trend to rent designer wears and evening dresses.

Renting a dress in Singapore is no fashion secret and it has been going strong for many years now. In the recent years, we have witnessed more and more players entering the market online and offline, with many fashionistas opting to rent instead of buying. You will get the most stylish dresses from world class designers at affordable rates. Sounds perfect, isn’t it? After all, the whole point is to be the showstopper with your presence and dressing style in each party you attend.  

Let your Creativity Work

A bit of creativity can do wonders on your used dress. Many dresses are only used once or twice and left in the wardrobe. If you can use your creative skills and put some effort, a new and unique style would be born. If you are not a creative person, you can google and find out the best dressing hacks to give you a new look with your existing wardrobe.

Step into Thrift Shops

Thrift shops give you an opportunity to celebrate the vintage trends. Apparels found here is unique and mostly one-of-a-kind. If you're lucky you might be able to find luxurious designer dresses dumped in the thrift stores after using it once or twice. So do drop by thrift shops before any events to hunt for elegant clothes at fractional prices.

Know about Major Sales Events

Sales always happen at designers stores, it may be a seasonal sale, annual sale or festival sale. Whatever the reason, if you can keep track of the sales events happening around you, it gives the option to brand new clothes at reasonable prices.

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