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Posted on May 12 2017



Unless you live in a tiny village in the high Himalayas, you would know that fashion plays an important role in our daily lives. While many hate to admit it, but the truth is that the way we dress up and feel about it affects our confidence and self-esteem. In this article, you will find smart tips that will help you stay fashionable all year round with little effort.

Wear a Hat

An easy way to look stylish is by wearing a handsome hat. Earlier, everybody used to wear hats on an everyday basis. However, because of some inexplicable reasons, this trend has fallen wayside. Nevertheless, you should be a little adventurous. Top off your look by wearing an awesome sun hat or a really cool fedora.  

Evening Dresses

Ensure your wardrobe has at least a few evening dresses in it. They have never gone out of fashion, and it is not likely they will become passé anytime soon. In case you don’t have an evening dress and need to go to a cocktail dinner, you should think about purchasing one.

A black cocktail dress would serve you just fine in case you just want to buy one all-purpose evening dress. There are many evening gowns Singapore shops from where you can purchase a suitable dress. If you wish, you can also shop online, because today online stores house all popular brands and often have a sale running.

Matching Bags

If you are carrying another evening bag besides a purse, make sure both complement each other. For instance, if you are carrying a messenger bag and a purse, their styles and colors should be similar.

Celebrity Looks

Celebrity looks always don’t cost a fortune. So if you like a look which you have seen in a top-of-the-line fashion magazine, then don’t straightaway assume that look will be out of your budget. You can copy celebrity looks for less if you are open to shop around.

There’s a difference between appearing sexy and looking brassy. That’s why it is necessary that you don’t focus on sheer clothing so much that you completely forget modesty. Sheer clothing in wrong body areas can do you more harm than good. It can make you look brassy, instead of sexy.

Black and White

If there’s one classic combination, then it has got to be black and white. And, guess what, it’s hugely popular this season, too. Innumerable outfits on the runway have this combination. It’s one trend that is super easy to adopt.

For one-off events, try dress rental Singapore shops. Here you can rent any dress for a reasonable price. In short, you can look awesome for any event without investing in an expensive dress.   

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