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Posted on January 04 2017



Evening gowns is a preferable choice when it comes to picking the attire for formal or semi-formal events. Gowns belong to the premium choice amongst evening dresses as it adds elegance and glamor to the woman who dons it. Here are five tips to help you choose the perfect evening gown and look awesome in your evening parties.

Choosing the Perfect Gown

Evening gowns come in many different textures, patterns, cloth, and styles and have often become a headache for any woman to find the perfect one. To know which one you should choose, it is essential to understand the options available and your body type. A rule of thumb for the perfect gown is the one that is able to highlight the best aspects of your physique and hide whatever makes you look less beautiful.

Know the Occasion

The choice of your gown will largely depend on the formality of the event you attend. You cannot be stepping in a bold or revealing gown if it’s a white tie event as it is a very formal event. For less casual occasions, the choice can then be a sexy gown with sequins spread over on it with a side split or a side cut.

Picking the Right Color

Color takes the most important role when you choose the gown, it should go well with your complexion whilst be appropriate for the event. The color of the gown should also complement your hair and eye color to enhance your overall aesthetics. For formal events, darker shades are preferable.

If you are confused if a particular color would go well with your skin tone or not, you can opt for rent a dress services in Singapore. Using these services, you would not have to pay and buy, instead, you can rent and seek professional opinions if the color looks good on you.

Know Your Figure Type

Perfection in wearing a gown is never about your body size or figure, perfection comes when the dress complements and allow you to best carry yourself. For instance, a woman with a pear-shaped body should pick an A-line cut gown to complement the look.

Accessories Matters

Choosing the right accessories is equivalently important to choosing the right gown. Accessories can include jewelry, hat, shawl, belts, bags etc. Whichever you choose to wear, it should always complement the gown color. For formal events, do opt for fine jewelry like white gold or yellow metal. However, do note that accessories should be always secondary as too much of jewelry will steal attention away from the gown look.

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