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Posted on May 30 2017



In a way, stars in Hollywood shine just as strongly and brightly as the celestial bodies that light up the eternal night sky. Die-hard Hollywood fans might argue that their favorite stars shine brighter than the stars in the universe—and that might not be completely untrue. Millions of people all around the world follow stars like Demi Moore, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, and George Clooney. For us, they are more attractive than heavenly bodies and equally out of reach.

Hollywood stars have perfect bodies—anything less than perfect would just not make the cut. Brad Pitt, Halle Berry, Denzel Washington, and Angelina Jolie are just a few of famous stars who have set the standard.

Of course, a film celebrity has to create a right look and image. That’s part of his or her job. In a visual medium like films, half the battle is won when an actor is successfully able to create a perfect image. When film stars age, they quickly slip down the popularity charts and usually stop getting as much work as before.

However, this is not the case with most of us. Most of us don’t worry too much about looking like a million buck. Looking average most of the time and at certain times a little dashing would do for most of us. It is possible to look like a star without earning a star’s salary. Here are some tips.

Tasteful Clothing

Yes, you would want to wear always what’s in, but at times this may not be possible—and that’s perfectly fine. You can look awesome wearing clothes that are evergreen, trends that never fade away, a style that’s as popular today as it was yesterday. For example, a little black dress will always remain in fashion. Consider having some timeless evening gowns Singapore in your wardrobe.

Artificial Jewelry

Oh, yes, diamonds are girl’s best friends, but what to do, they are so damn costly also! Go with the second best option: artificial jewelry. And the best part is if you accessorize wisely, you can look amazing with them.

Pamper Yourself

Why don’t you treat yourself with a therapeutic massage, cleansing facial, a new, trendy set of nails? It is possible to get the complete treatment under a couple of hundred of dollars. Some places also offer a discount if you book an appointment for a group. So rope in your girlfriends on your journey to look great and save some precious money.

Rent a dress

So, there’s a special event and you would like to wear designer clothing. The trouble, like always, is the budget. Have you thought about renting a dress? After all, you’ll get to wear the dress you want without spending two months’ salary on it. Check out various dress rental Singapore shops, they have some of the amazing designer wear collection.

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