There’s the saying, “you can never have too much of a good thing”; as well as, polar arguments that “less is more”. So how do we reconcile these opposing thoughts – especially when it comes to layering jewelry?

A major fashion faux pas will be piling on every bauble in sight, that creates a cheap and uncouth impression. Be it a novice with almost 0 sense of style or a connoisseur who “knows-it-all” – you could still get some advice from our Covetella fashionistas. Here are some tips on artistic layering!

Start slow and simple by choosing 2 colours and a metal mixture. Classic colour combinations are: red and purple or blue and green with metal. Additionally, combining antique finds with modern looks will also achieve the most unique style.


  1. Necklaces

How to Layer Necklaces

When it comes to layering, mix and matching necklaces should be the foundational course that ties your entire outfit together. Knowing how to match necklace textures and playing with lengths will create dimension and depth.

Stylists usually recommend each necklace to be ½ inch apart; this consistent spacing gives the look much more cohesion and symmetry. Otherwise, adding bold colours to silver metal base would make great statement pieces that can compliment any simple dress, especially those with plunging necklines.

  1. Rings

How to Stack Rings

The approach to layering rings can be very versatile, from extreme minimalist to embellished baroque styles. Personally, bigger is better. However, this preference could create a cluttered illusion that may ruin the entire aesthetic. Hence, it’s advisable to space out chunky rings by alternating fingers or balancing the “heaviness” with plain metallic bands.

Another safe tip is to run a common theme through the rings – either repeating similar shapes (like ovals or triangles) or continue an underlying colour scheme

  1. Earrings

How to Layer Earrings

I don’t know which is a more crucial skill – stacking necklaces or pairing earrings?

An expertly decorated lobe is almost as important as your make-up because it’s the first other thing women notice right after your face.

For those with single piercings, never shy away from dramatic chandelier earrings to achieve that fashion statement pizzazz. Whereas, for those with multiple piercings, it’s best to team up with a stylish mix of studs, cartilage and even tier drop designs for that extra edge. Why be normal when you can be different? ;)

  1. Watch/Bracelets

 How to Stack Bracelets with Watches

Can’t decide between wearing a watch or bracelets? Do both! It’s not overkill to stack statement watches with bold bracelets…if you’re doing it right, that is. Firstly, stick with one general theme of metallic: rose, gold or silver and add another pop of colour to bring vibrancy to the look.

Secondly, pair this elaborate wrist adornment with a plain white tee to serve as a complementing blank canvas; making the whole get-up appear more effortless chic.

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