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Posted on December 19 2016



Every woman deserves to be well dressed when it comes to events or semi-formal occasions. But do you find yourself confused about choosing the right evening dress and where to find it? It is a stressful routine that every woman can relate to. Even with an exploding wardrobe, you might not find a satisfying outfit or accessory to wear for the evening.

An evening dress refers to a dress worn for formal or semi-formal occasions and can be found in thousands of styles in different colors and choices in patterns in the market. Designs can vary different events, sensuous or classy, trendy or fashionable, designer wear or self-designed, so which to choose? We at Covetella hope that this article will help you in dressing better for evening parties and being the center of attraction in every of them.

Know the Event

Having correct details about the event you are going to attend will help you shortlist the dress design range. Do check if there is a theme or color code for the guests who are attending. Also find out how formal the event is before you choose the dress, if it’s a formal event, it wouldn't be wise to wear something too revealing as it will not fit into the occasion, instead floor-length dresses would fit perfect.  

Know your Body Shape

Your colleague might look good on a particular dress but that does not mean that it will look as good on you. It is essential to know your body type and structure in order to find the perfect attire.  

Enhance your Appeal

The dress you choose should flatter your appeal to look better at evening parties. It is better to go for the color that matches your skin tone, as that will complete half the job of making you look awesome. You can try on the dress prior to the party day and strut in front of the mirror to see if color suits you.

Accessorize Wisely

Apart from choosing the right dress, choosing the right accessories would complement the elegance of the dress you chose. Any dress is incomplete without the matching accessories. Try out different combinations with bracelets, earrings, necklace, clutches until you find the perfect set. For a black dress, you can accessorize with red earrings and necklace for a different look.

Where to Get?

Wondering where to rent that perfect evening dress? Renting a dress in Singapore is quite popular these days and we have an amazing collection of evening dresses to choose from. There are a few other perks attached to renting dresses from us as we will help you to portray a unique style in each of the events you attend.

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