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Posted on December 09 2016



Are you supposed to attend a black-tie event but restrained with budgeting on what to wear? Well, being a showstopper at such events is a dream for every girl, but there is a lot of effort and costs involved in making it happen as a unique gown is always the priciest and fanciest.  

However, gone are the days where only celebrities and the rich can dress in designer dresses for events. After all, it's only a one-time event, and the dress shouldn't be used anymore for similar events. Attendees these days are smart enough to reduce costs on such evening dresses. Lined up are different ways in which you can get the best evening gown with a smaller budget.

Rent a Gown

Renting evening gowns in not a secret anymore as there are many users for such services. Lots of dress rental stores give you the option to rent dresses of excellent quality and design at affordable prices. Though it may be lightly used gowns, you will get it at proper conditions. Renting a dress in Singapore has become quite popular and groups of female attendees will even come together and go for rental option rather than buying it.

Fashion of the Past

Not many people are aware that thrift stores or vintage shops are places where you can get quality evening gowns at a price far below a new one. People clearing out their cupboards may prefer to sell it to the thrift stores for some money. Step into a few of such thrift stores to hunt for something that steals your attention.

Online sellers

Most people who have bought such gowns previously may feel that there is no point in keeping it further and just to clear their wardrobe will sell it off through platforms like Carousell. If you are ready to use a lightly used evening gown, you can always search for the sellers on online platforms. Who knows you might find the perfect fitting well-designed gown from an online seller? And the best part is you only need to pay half-the-price to own it all your life.

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