Looking for a perfect prom dress that will flatter your figure and make you look amazing?

Well, here are some tips that you just can’t choose to ignore if you want to remember the ‘big’ night for the rest of your life for all the good reasons.

Before you begin, you must understand one thing: not every beautiful dress will look great on you because each dress is for a specific body shape. In other words, unless you understand your body shape, getting hands on a perfect prom dress is likely to remain a distant dream.

So, what you should do? Well, first define your body shape, if you already don’t know it.

Defining your body shape

Start by taking the measurement of your bust. Then measure the area that’s just an inch over the belly button. Finally, measure the hips. Write all these measurements down and check the table below to understand your body shape.

  • Apple body shape – You have a bigger bust and midsection, compared with the hips
  • Pear body shape – Your hip area and thighs are wider than other parts
  • Inverted triangle body shape – Your shoulders are wider than the hips
  • Hourglass body shape – You have a bust that’s proportionate to your hips and your waist is slim
  • Rectangle body shape – Your shoulders are almost as wide as the hips and your waist is not so clearly defined.

Now that you’ve defined your body shape, let’s look which evening gowns Singapore will look great on which figure.

Apple Body Shape

If you have an apple-shaped body, opt for a prom dress that makes your waist look slimmer and draws attention to your bust as well as your shoulders. An A-line silhouette dress will look great on you, or you can highlight the area around the bust through a sweetheart top dress or a plunging neckline.

Pear Body Shape

The focus should be on showing off your slender shoulders and taking attention away from your hip area. A halter-neck gown is an ideal dress for you. You’ll also look great in dresses with lots of detailing around the shoulders and bust.

Inverted Triangle Body Shape

An hourglass figure can be achieved with an inverted triangle body shape by making the hips look bigger and shifting the focus off your upper body. Sweetheart necklines are a great option for you, as are cap sleeves and spaghetti straps. Go for a dress with considerable detailing below the waist. You can further draw attention toward your legs by wearing eye-catching footwear. However, full-sleeve dresses, strapless gowns, and shoulder pads are a complete no-no for you.

Hourglass Body Shape

Focus on dresses which show off your sexy curves and highlight your narrow waists, like A-line prom dresses, strapless tops, and V-necks. Almost everything will look good on you, so you certainly have a lot of choices.

Rectangular Body Shape

Your ideal dress is one that creates an impression of a curvy silhouette. Consider dresses with a scooped neckline or a sweetheart neckline. You can also choose dresses with collars, ruffled tops, and substantial detailing around the bust.

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