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Posted on June 17 2017



Looking for some timeless fashion tips? Well, this post is all that you’ll ever need. Here you will find fashion tips for dressing smartly for different occasions. We have you covered for cocktail dinners, job interviews, and even vacations.

So, why wait any longer? Let’s dig in.

Tip #1 - Picking the right cocktail dress

Every woman must have at least one cocktail dress in her closet, although a few will give you more choice. With that said, quality matters over quantity. The main thing to consider when you are out shopping for evening gowns Singapore is to pick a dress that’s suitable for your body type.

Women with a pear shape body, that is, women with a larger base must opt for a cocktail dress that accentuates their slim shoulders and shift focus off their hips. For instance, a halter-neck gown is a good option for such women. A low plunging neckline is not a bad idea either because it helps to highlight the upper body. A striking necklace or large earrings can also help ensure others focus solely or at least more on your upper body.

On the other hand, women who have broad shoulders and a big bust but slender legs and hips (this shape is called inverted triangle) will be much better off with dresses with a great deal of detailing in the lower half. Their aim should be to take off the focus from their lower body while accentuating the upper half. For such women, cocktail dresses featuring flowing skirts, pleating, and A-lines are a good option.

Tip#2 – Getting the dress right for an interview

You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression, so put your best foot forward in an interview by dressing smartly. You can go for a dark skirt, along with medium heels. Give preference to natural colors, like navy blue, black, or gray. These are still the safest colors when it comes to interviewing outfits. It is important to consider the work culture of your potential employer as well, for instance, if the work culture is conservative, you’ll much better off wearing a skirt to an interview rather than formal pants.

Tip#3 – Taking the right clothes on a vacation

With summer approaching fast, you might be planning your next beach holiday. There’s nothing more enjoyable than the coolness of the ocean in summer. However, ensure you take the right clothes with you. Don’t leave the house without a great swimsuit, a casual maxi for daytime, some shorts, t-shirts, and of course, beach bags. You might also want to take a formal dress in case you know you would be attending a formal dinner during the holiday. If you don’t have a dress, instead of buying one especially for this one-off event, we suggest you pay a quality dress rental Singapore shop a visit.

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