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Posted on January 03 2017



When we think of attire for a formal party, long evening dresses would come straight to mind. Evening gowns and dresses come in different styles and colors these days. You can buy or rent out evening dresses as per your liking. One thing that is common in the long evening gowns is its length.

If you feel that buying these dresses are too costly for single usage, there are also rent a dress services in Singapore. Here we have collated the must-know tips while you plan to buy a long evening dress.

Know the Budget

An evening gown can range from $80 to $8000. Before walking in any gown shop, first set the budget for the gown. Keep in mind that the money you pay will reflect in the fabric and quality of the gown. If you are on a tight budget, wait for some time and try to discover any offers and discounts.

Understand the Gown

There is never a one-size fit all in gowns selection, the gown you choose should complement the body shape you have. Always wear high-heeled footwear when you try the gown to reflect the actual day attire, the hem of the gown should barely touch the ground with your heels on. Do research on the latest trends for the gown or you can go for more classic choices if you plan to re-use it.

Know the Color

Darker shades are considered perfect for formal events as they give off a classy and sophisticated look. For semi-formal or a casual party, you can choose bright-colored gowns that may have lavish prints in contrasting shades.  

Know the Occasion

Before selecting a particular gown, understand beforehand the formality of the event you are going to attend. If you are invited for a white tie event, obviously you have to be more formal as white tie events refer to the highest level of formal events. However, if you are planning for a black tie event, you will have the freedom to choose a shorter or ankle length evening dress.

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