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Posted on June 07 2017



Many will wonder if it is possible to get the latest runway looks without shelling out a lot of money.

Truth be told, yes, it is very much possible. You don’t have to break a bank to look like a million bucks. You can wear the latest fashion within your budget, whatever it is.

Create a Budget

This is the first step. Set a clothes budget. Once you have set the budget, whatever you do, you know you can’t exceed it. Having a budget, besides working as a boundary which you can’t cross, allows you to learn the art of prioritizing. For instance, you want that latest evening gown and also a trendy handbag, but your budget has room for only one. So you need to decide which one is more important. One workaround way is to buy the evening bag you like so much and rent out the popular evening gown whenever a suitable occasion comes. There are many dress rental Singapore shops which store classic-looking as well as the latest dresses. You can find a great range of designer clothing in these shops. So store the phone number of a few in your phone; you never know when you might need it.

Online Auction Sites

These sites are a great place to snag amazing bargains. However, there are two things you need to remember. One, you never know when the dress you’ve been eyeing for so long might come up for an auction. Therefore, either browse these sites regularly or even better set relevant notifications. Two, you need to take action quickly. If you like something and the price is good, go ahead and buy the dress right there and then. If you balk, someone else will take the dress. You might also want to check out thrift stores. While you are not likely to get the latest dresses there, you might find timeless classics there at great prices.

Pay Attention to Accessories

Designer look-alike accessories can give your look such a lift. While you might not have the budget to buy the latest bag from Prada, you might have no problem in investing in a look-alike.

Help Each Other

You might have a few latest dresses and your friends might have a few others. Why don’t you help each other whenever possible? Suppose you need to go to a cocktail dinner and you need a great evening gown. The one in your closet has been with you for many seasons and you don’t want to wear it yet again. Ideally, you would want to check out the latest offerings in the best evening gowns Singapore shop to buy a new dress, but your budget doesn’t permit this expensive indulgence. It might be a good idea to call up your friends, especially those who have a similar body shape and size. Maybe one of them might have a brand-new cocktail dress and might be willing to lend it to you for a night. However, don’t forget, one of these days you too will get a distressed call. When that happens, be as helpful as you can. It is all about giving and take, isn’t so?

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