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Posted on June 15 2017



Many believe it’s almost impossible to get red carpet glam without spending a lot of money. According to them, a tight budget is an impediment when you want to look at your absolute best. But is it really so?

Well, surely, buying fashionable dresses becomes easy when you have a bagful of money. However, don’t count yourself out of the race of looking gorgeous if all you have in your pocket are a few hundreds of dollars, or perhaps even less.

Here are some best-kept secret of getting red carpet glam without spending a lot of money. Have a look.

Dress Rental

Consider a dress rental Singapore shop. Here’s a question for you. What is more important to you: looking great at an event or owning a mediocre looking dress? If you said the former, you would do everything to look great, and you would not let a tight budget stop you from wearing something fashionable, trendy, and gorgeous.

Dress rentals offer a great way to wear something fashionable to an event without paying designer prices. The other advantage is that these shops offer a great variety, and that’s why you can find a suitable dress for every type of occasion.

Try Online Auctions

This is another great option to look gorgeous without paying designer prices. At online auctions, especially if you look hard enough, you can find great dresses at unbelievable prices. However, it is necessary that you purchase an item you like immediately. If you don’t do that, someone else will buy it and you’ll miss on a great deal.

Plan Ahead

Certain trends are evergreen and some last only for a season or two and then fade away, sometimes for a long time, if not ever. You can try to purchase classic dresses in off-season sales or end-of-the-season sales.

Try Thrift stores

You can find great bargains at thrift stores. So don’t keep thrift stores off your list. When it comes to thrift stores, patience is the key. You might not find something suitable on a few visits and then suddenly on the next visit you might come across a designer dress at a throw-away price.


Don’t just focus on clothes only. Keep accessories in mind also. Great-looking accessories, when used properly, can give a touch of elegance to your personality. Invest in impressive handbags, striking shoes, stunning brooches, etc. What’s more, these items are not so expensive.

Give importance to quality over quantity. Don’t forget this golden rule. It is much better to own two quality evening gowns in Singapore than having five mediocre cocktail dresses. When it comes to special dresses, you must always pick up something that’s suitable for your body type. For instance, if you have a pear shaped body, you should pick something that shows off your slim shoulders but de-stresses your wide lower body. Similarly, women having rectangular shaped body should opt for something that adds volume to their upper body. They can also make their waist look curvier by wearing a belt.

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