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Posted on March 24 2017



Heading to a beach or lake or some other cool spot with a pool could be a great idea this summer. Here are some fashion tips—broken into 5 categories—on what to pack for your next summer vacation.

For the Beach

You got to invest in a great swimsuit, one that superbly accentuates your figure. Opt for something with inbuilt shapewear to complement the bustline or play down your belly area.

Sunglasses are another must-have. They not only protect your eyes from the glare but also make you look more stylish. Opt for something trendy to make a style statement.

You also got to have a straw hat. Yes, those big ones which are just like a personal umbrella. Again, just like sunglasses, straw hats offers sun protection while making you look all the more beautiful and appealing.

And don’t you leave the house without a sunscreen. Pick one which offers both UVA and UVB protection. In case you want to get a tan, don’t forget to throw a few tanning lotions into the suitcase before you fly.

A tip: Even when you are going on summer vacation, it is generally a good idea to pack at least one formal dress in case you’ve to attend a surprise formal event. If you don’t have a cocktail dress, there’s no need to buy one just for this vacation. Instead, you can use a dress rental Singapore and take a beautiful dress on rent for a few days.

One Piece

Of course, dresses make for a good option. However, you must pack in dresses of different styles. During daytime, you’ll be much better off wearing a long dress, while short is the mantra for the night. A casual maxi dress with a belt during the day will give you a comfortable, relaxed look. In evening, wear something short with sandals to show off your fresh tan.


You can’t go to a beach vacation without a handful or more shorts. With shorts coming in all kinds of shapes and sizes, not to mention fabrics, you’ll have a plenty of options to choose from. Pick options that complement your figure best. In case you don’t like wearing shorts, consider khaki capris.


You must have a beach bag on you. Another thing you mustn’t leave home without is a spacious handbag, preferably in bright colors—after all, it's summertime—for day sightseeing junkies. For your capris and shorts, carry one or two metallic belts. You can also pack in a brightly colored scarf to give you a chic look in shorts. As far as shoes are concerned, pack in at least two pairs, along with one strappy sandal. An enchanting necklace, something tribal style, will go wonderfully well with your casual look. If you wish, you can also pack in a few other jewelry items.

Top it off

Throw in a few t-shirts, but avoid those with juvenile or tourist theme. In case you are a blouse person, you can wear them with slim shorts. In all likelihood, you wouldn’t need anything more than a cardigan or sweater for breezy nights and air-conditioned places. With that said, if you think you might have to go for a formal dinner on your beach holiday, bring along a formal evening dress. There are many rental outlets like Covetella offering evening gowns in Singapore, so you wouldn’t have any trouble finding something suitable.

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