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Posted on December 28 2016



Do you frequently receive invitations to black tie events and always get confused about what to wear for the events? This article is definitely for you, regardless if you choose to buy evening dresses or rent a dress in Singapore, lined up are five tips when attending black tie events.

Understanding Black Tie Events

Black tie events are mostly semi-formal events that happen after 6 pm. It’s easy for men to dress for black tie events as it is normally a tuxedo, a black bow tie, formal shoes. However, when it comes to dressing for the ladies in black tie events, gowns are mostly preferred, but not a full black gown. A cocktail dress with attractive colors or a hemline dress which goes down to the floor is fine.

What Is Acceptable?

According to Letitia Baldrige, a formal event etiquette expert, women can wear a ‘floor-length, short, or three-quarter-length evening gown; evening sandals or pumps; and an evening bag of silk, satin, peau de soie, velvet, or brocade material.’ The accompanied jewelry can be same as for cocktail party [sparkly earrings and bracelet or simple button earrings and a very simple gold or silver necklace]. Also, she points out that fur scarfs can be added if you have one.

Length of the Gown

The length of the gown you choose to wear matters in black tie events. Ladies usually think that they should choose a floor length gown for black tie events, however, ankle or knee length gowns are also acceptable at such events. The main point to note is that it should not be too revealing and never too short in length.

Plenty of Options

Against the notion that you have only formal gowns to wear for black tie occasions, you actually have plenty of options to choose from. Gowns come in different colors, textures, patterns, styles, and lengths. You have the freedom to choose according to your taste, just keep in mind that it should not be too revealing. Don’t be hesitant to approach the event host beforehand to understand more about the event which will help to single out the perfect outfit.

Accessorize Wisely

Accessories, when done correctly will complete the elegance of your evening gown. A sequined or elegant clutch which is of smaller size is enough to add gracefulness to the gown. What to keep in mind is that the accessories and the gown you choose should complement each other and not steal attention from each other.

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