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Posted on June 02 2017



Ah, those Prada shoes and Versace evening gowns that beckon you from the windows of the stores that you pass by daily on your way to work. How would you like to get your hands on them? But what to do, your paycheck doesn’t have enough zeros in it.

So, the only option is to live on beans and ramen noodles for eternity and buy a couple of designer dresses every few months or give up your dream of wearing those beautiful dresses you love to ogle altogether.

Thrift Stores

Well, there’s a third—and a much smarter—option also. You can check out thrift stores, where you can often find some of the best evening gowns Singapore at a fraction of their original price.

Without a doubt, thrift stores are a great source of used designer clothing. Pay such a store a visit and you can look drop-dead gorgeous the next time you go party with your friends. 

Using the Internet

Use the power of the Internet to uplift your wardrobe. You can find great designer deals on the web if you know where to look and understand the need to buy a good designer dress without delay when you see it. Check out sites which specialize in liquidating stock. There you can find awesome designer items, but keep in mind that these sites have very limited stock. If you like something, you must buy right it there and then. If you wait, someone else will buy the product. Don’t count on the product being there the second time you visit the site. There are hundreds of thousands of fashion lovers with a limited budget like you all over the world. Additionally, online auction sites are also a great place to find designer clothes at reasonable price.  

Dress Rental Service

And then there is the dress rental store. These can prove to be a savior when you need to wear one dress that you don’t have in your closet. Many a time, you can’t just buy a new dress just like that just because you need to wear it to a particular occasion. In times such as these, you can visit dress rental shops Singapore near you and pick a dress that’s just perfect for you.  

Finally, remember that rules of dressing don’t change when you shop for designer clothing. You must always pick a dress that’s suitable for your body type. Don’t buy a dress which is unsuitable for your body type just because it is a designer item.

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