First of all.....we've got to say, don't the ladies look amazing in our dresses????

They look fabulous!

Yusnimah, the founder of Singapore Queen Society, initiated this committee in hope to combine the knowledge and experiences of one another so as to promote positive campaigns, empowerment to do great things, create social awareness, motivate volunteerism and be the best they can be.

Not too sure how many of you have heard about Singapore Queen Society and how wonderful of a committee it is. Basically, a group of contestants from Mrs Singapore World 16/17 shared a strong bond and friendship during their time of the competition, and Yusnimah, she saw the potential of them doing greater things together which eventually led to the creation of this committee page.

(Did I mention that all of them are beauty queens from renowned local and international pageants?)

They've participated in several events from Charity Volunteering to Singapore Cancer Society - Relay For Life.

One of their member, Anu Alex, won the international pageant last June in Mrs Earth International 2017 which was held in Las Vegas, and what's impressive is that she competed with over 30 contestants from all over the world, wow! 

"We find that this is the best way to motivate each other even after the pageant and support our charities and goodwill platforms hand in hand"

They will be supporting one another in hope to promote a positive outline on the 'Mrs' pageant. She will be participating in Mrs World 2017, while Josephine Lee will be going for Mrs Tourism 2018 pageant next year. Exciting!

If you wish to know more about these amazing ladies: Singapore Queen Society


PS: All dresses worn by Singapore Queen Society are from Covetella


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