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Posted on May 24 2017



Are you consistent with only one fashion? If you are not sure, it is time you find out.

Some people are consistent with only one fashion and are reluctant to try out a new style. You should try this easy, simple and effective fashion screening to check if you match any of these scenarios.

Do individuals who are confused tend to overdress more compared to others? The answer is yes. People who are confused tend to cover themselves in stiff proper and formal dresses or caps, or high-neck tops.

Plain Dressers

Are people who dress plainly really conceited? You guessed it right. The answer is yes. Individuals who are conceited dress less. Why? Because they feel they don’t need to dress up. They are confident in their belief that the assertive personality of theirs can easily overcome stylish fashion of their choice.

Over Dressers

Do overly dressed co-workers or friends get more opportunities at work? The answer is no. Lack of places to show off their stylish fashion is the reason and perhaps the only reason why overly dressed co-workers dress up everywhere they go. These people are also often particular about purchasing dresses from an up-scale store even if the same dress is available at another store at a cheaper price. And there’s no way in hell that these people will consider using services of a dress rental Singapore shop. They would rather live a full year on ramen noodles to be able to purchase a designer dress.

Do people who love to make bold statements often brag about the price of the fashionable clothes they wear? The answer is no. These people shy away from bragging about the great bargains they managed to snag.

Under Dressers

Are persons who under-dress seeking attention? The answer is a definite yes. After all, who else would come in a knee-length cocktail dress with no woolen top to an event in freezing temperature? When there are so many shops where you can purchase beautiful evening gowns in Singapore, why would you wear something short on a cold night? Those who under-dress lack confidence and also want to divert attention to themselves.

Fashionable Dressers

Are individuals who are tidy dressers superior in fashion style than others? The answer is no. This is the impression they want to give to others. By straightening your tie or wiping lint off the jacket you are wearing what these people are actually trying to do is draw attention toward themselves. These are the kind of people who will compliment you on your beautiful evening gown and then will politely say that you probably should have worn another piece of jewelry.

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