Evening dresses are the gowns that you wear in the evening parties, you can either buy or rent a dress in Singapore. They have certain characteristics that make it unique for evening events which are totally different from what you will wear during the day. In this article, let us give you a deeper insight on the allure of evening dresses.

What’s an Evening Dress?

An evening dress is a long flowing dress worn by the woman for formal and evening events. It is defined as ‘a special form of dress that amplifies a woman's femininity and often proclaims her desirability’. In general, necklines are low, bodies are tightly fitted, arms are bared, and skirts are extravagantly designed. Fabric surfaces vary from reflective to matte, textured to smooth, and soft to rigid. Gowns may be bouffant or body hugging, emphasizing every curve and swell.

History of the Evening Dress

According to historians, the evening gown came into existence during early years of the nineteenth century. It was during the period where romantic English literature was blooming in England, and it has largely helped in the wide acceptance of the female gown. When we think about any female literary characters during this period, the beautiful gown always enhances the beauty of her!

The Beauty of the Evening Dress

Coming back to the present, evening dresses are the most preferred outfit for formal and semi-formal events, and even for casual occasions. Wondering why the outfit has gained popularity? Well, because it highlights the beauty of the woman who dons it, elegance is added to her overall appeal and makes her admired in the event. Women today is lucky enough to be able to choose among thousands of gown options. It can be ankle length, floor length or knee length. It can be of different patterns or even handcrafted pieces. The cloth of evening gown can be chiffon, velvet, satin, organza. There are numerous possible combinations for the modern evening dress.

Step Out in Style

The choice of the gown largely depends on the formality of the event you are about to attend and come in different colors, textures, patterns, styles, and lengths. Pick the perfect one that hugs your figure and appearance, with the right accessories and makeup, you can be sure to step out in style!