Are you someone who would like to be unique every time you attend a party? Well, your style is not made up of your outfit alone and is visible in the accessories as well as your makeup. When you choose the right accessories that complement your outfit, it adds elegance and class. On the other hand, you can easily ruin the beauty of a dress by matching wrong accessories.

Choosing accessories can be more complicated than choosing the dress. We have collated eight rules to follow in order to be well accessorized in your evening dresses at formal events.

Highlight Your Plus Points

Accessories chosen should flatter the best points of your facial features and mask the less prominent to enhance your overall appeal.

Know You Face Structure

Your face structure plays the most important role when you choose your jewelry. You face can be round or rectangular, square or triangle, pear-shaped or oval, and when you choose the right accessories, it will complement your facial features.

Choose as Per the Outfit

Accessories include jewelry, bags, and shoes. Choose bags and shoes that have a similar texture, color, or print of the outfit. If you are wearing a satin dress, go for a clutch made of satin cloth but in a contrasting(not contradicting!) color.

Theme It

Not only your dress and accessories should complement each other, accessory to accessory should have a common theme. Suppose you are wearing a silver necklace, use silver earring, and find a bag with a silver chain strap. Sometimes, a themed look may feel boring, you can opt for accessories with mixed materials like silver trimmings with pink pearls.

Revive Old Clothes

If you have a favorite dress from ages ago, but you still want to make it suitable for a party wear, all you need to do it is accessorize it with trendy stuff. It will hide the age of the dress, by directing the attention to the accessories.

Know the Occasion

The occasion or the formality of the event will help you in choosing the right accessories. Go for classy and simple accessories when you attend a formal event, but when you step into a cocktail party; you can choose to be trendy and colorful.  

Color Matching

Accessories will bring up your beauty and elegance when you wear a simple black or white dress. However, when it comes to bright and colorful outfits, make sure you choose accessories that are more muted, as the attention will be on the dress itself.

Rent Instead

Buying matching can be costly, but renting will open up a whole variety of choices to choose the perfect jewelry and accessories for your outfit. Renting a dress in Singapore is pretty common these days, where you can get stylish dresses and matching accessories at affordable rates.