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Posted on April 08 2017



Even with pain, blisters, or blood, fashion-loving women will not stop wearing high heels. However, if you, like most other women who love your heels, there’s some good news for you: there are ways to make your heels more bearable.  

Women all too often silently bear the pain for fashion, be it wearing horrible strapless bras, dresses that are too tight, or high heels. But there’s a way out for the last one. Yes, you can wear high heels without killing your toes, ankles, heels, or toe mounds. Want to find out how? Well, have a look at these 5 tips.

Stretch them and break them in first

So, you have a big night coming up for which you have purchased evening gowns in Singapore and a pair of high heels. Well, all that’s great, but have you stretched your new shoes first or broken them in? If no, you might end up withering in pain ten minutes into your new shoes on the big event night.

Experts strongly recommend stretching new shoes to make them a little more flexible. If you purchase a new pair of high heels every few months, you should invest in a shoe stretcher. Otherwise, you can take your new pair to your local cobbler to get the needful done.

The other thing you must do is to break in your new pair of shoes before your big night out. Wear them around the house a few times first to make them more comfortable.

It might happen that when you wear your new pair at home, you might found that it’s considerably less comfortable than you originally thought. In such a case, gelling might be the answer. Use silicone gels insert made particularly for heels. By using them you can protect balls of the feet against chafing

Take good care of your shoes

Extended wear makes high-heeled shoes uneven. As soon as your shoes show the first sign of wear and tear, take them to your local cobbler for mending.

Go for shoes with straps and buckles

You can wade off blisters and avoid discomfort by opting for shoes having adjustable straps and buckles. Your feet will fit in nicely in such a shoe, preventing unnecessary irritation and rubbing which leads to blisters.

Try the frozen water hack

In case you find that your new shoe is a little too tight, you should try this hack. Take a bag with a ziplock, fill it with water till halfway, insert that bag inside your shoe, and put it in the freezer overnight. As the water will freeze, your shoe will expand and consequently become more comfortable to wear.

When you buy a new pair, it might be a good idea to get your feet measured, especially if it has been a while, and ensure that you can move your feet comfortably inside the new shoe.

Go for shoes with chunkier heels

Chunkier heels allow the body weight to be distributed more evenly, resulting in the front part of your foot experiencing lesser pressure.

Ah, just one more thing: If you want elegant dresses only for one night, you might be better off by contacting a dress rental. There are many dress rentals in Singapore, from where you can rent a beautiful cocktail dress or any other dress. Contact us to book an appointment!

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