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Posted on April 04 2017



How you dress up for work is extremely important, more so if you are a young professional. In fact, for Gen X and Y professionals, keeping a work-appropriate wardrobe can be no less important than meeting project deadlines.

When young professionals dress up appropriately for work, they convey to the higher-ups that they are serious about their job and career, in spite of their young age and limited work experience.

Many believe creating a professional wardrobe is a costly affair—and that’s probably true if you don’t make conscious efforts to save money without compromising on quality. Well, here are some useful tips helps you amass a professional wardrobe without hurting your bank balance.

  • Do an inventory check

  • Before you buy new clothes, go through your closet and check what you already have. According to experts, professionals should always have these four things in their closet: a blazer, black dress, a pair of trousers, and button-down shirts (in different colors).

    Another thing you must do is check if you like a particular type or color of the dress. For instance, if you have a blue dress which you wear to office several times a month, it would be a great idea to buy more dresses like that because it’s something which you like wearing.

    When your wardrobe budget is not so stretchable, buying a dress especially for one event might not be such a good idea. For instance, if your boss has invited you to a cocktail dinner party and you don’t have a suitable cocktail dress, you might want to seek services of dress rental in Singapore.

  • Opt for a classic work wardrobe

  • Several work attires are timeless and offer great versatility. You will do well to have a few of these in your wardrobe. For women, a pair of trousers, a smart two-button blazer or a stylish single breasted blazer and a knee-length pencil skirt.

  • Buy from outlet malls

  • Another way to save money on your professional attire is by shopping at outlet malls, where you can purchase high-quality clothing at a much lower price. You might want also want to check out discount retailers. While you can get great cheap finds here, keep in mind that choices will be limited.

  • Shop online

  • In case you don’t enjoy spending considerable time in finding desirable and affordable clothing at outlet malls, you might want to try online shopping. You can get great bargains at online clothing shops, which offer all styles of clothing at reasonable rates. Nevertheless, remember to do comparison shopping before you hit the buy button.

  • Spend a little extra when it’s worth it

  • In case you buy some higher-quality, high priced items, it would be a better idea on purchasing dresses that you’re likely to use more often. For instance, if you are in marketing and need to take clients to dinner regularly, it makes a good sense to buy an awesome designer dinner dress from a local shop that sells evening gowns in Singapore.

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