Every military branch organizes at least one military ball in a year in which spouses can participate. A military ball, without a doubt, offers a great opportunity for military communities to socialize, but it can cause much anxiety in spouses who are not sure about what to expect. If you are married to a military man, you would find the following tips useful as they tell you everything you need to learn about attending a military ball.


Service members are expected to wear class A uniforms and guests should don formal attire. For men, dark suits and a bow tie are recommended. Women typically wear gowns that are either of knee-length or floor-length. With so many stores offering evening gowns in Singapore online as well as offline, you are likely to have no problem in finding a fitting dress for this year’s military ball. Apart from gowns, women can also wear cocktail dresses. However, you might want to opt for a cocktail dress with minimal detailing. Bright colors nor patterns are not recommended.  


The event starts at 5 PM or 6 PM. The first thing in line is the cocktail hour which allows service members to mingle with guests.

Cocktail Hour is followed by Receiving Line. Remember to leave all drink, food, extra garments in the check area, but you can bring your purse. If you are a female, you’ll have to walk in front of your spouse. Introduce yourself with your first or last name and keep greetings short.

The dinnertime is announced through a horn. You should sit in the seat designated to you. Dinnertime is a good time to mingle with others. Several courses are served, so ensure you are abreast with table setting etiquette. Presentations are done to honor service members during dinnertime

The bar and dance floor opens after dinner. You can let your hair down on the dance floor, but it would be a good idea to not bring all your club moves to the military ball dance floor.

Avoid dresses that show too much skin

While selecting a dress, ask yourself if it’s showing too much skin. Some skin is ok, but too much is a no-no. As far as jewelry is concerned, you can wear what you are comfortable with. You can also skip it if you usually don’t wear jewelry.

Gloves, professional hairdo are not required

You are not required to get your hair done professionally. Some women like to keep it simple, while some prefer elegant hairdos or trendy curls. Go with what’s comfortable to you.

Spouses are expected to greet others with a handshake. Therefore, you must ensure your hands are well groomed. In case you want to use gloves, you must follow appropriate glove protocol. That is while meeting guests, take off your right glove and use the left hand to hold it.

Shop smartly

You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars for a dress, especially if you are not going to wear it again. Instead of purchasing a dress from a high-end store, look around in thrift stores or consignment shops. You can also use services of a reputable dress rental in Singapore and look great without spending much.