It is the dream of every girl to show up in the most stunning and unique dress in parties and get-togethers. Women always look out for fashionable dresses which help them to create a style of their own. However, it may not be a pocket-friendly option as designer dresses are often expensive. Here at Covetella, we have found a way out for every party-freak to get designer outfits at affordable rates.

Renting a dress in Singapore has become quite common these days and there is a rising trend in the number of people who are looking for rented evening dresses. If you are someone who is still reluctant about renting dresses, here are some advantages of renting rather than buying. Read on!

  • It is Pocket-Friendly

  • The major advantage of choosing rental dresses than buying it is the price. The luxurious dresses are mostly expensive and you cannot afford to buy it every time, however, you cannot compromise on your interest to dress up as well. Rental dresses is a great choice as you can get dresses at one-fourth of the original rate of most dress. Sounds cool, right?

  • Dresses and more

  • A dress alone will not complete an amazing look, you’ll need to accessorize yourself, and choosing matching accessories that go well with the dress is a daunting task. It is time-consuming to choose accessories matching the outfit, and chances are high that it might not fit into your budget. With us, there are no more headaches of hunting for matching accessories as our rental platforms offer matching jewelry also at affordable rates when you rent dresses.

  • Options are Plenty

  • Many will wonder if there are enough options in the dress rental market that fit their size and taste. For your information, there is an abundance of web platforms as well as offline shops offering designer dress rental options. You can choose perfect fitting dresses created by high profiled designers at lower costs from these rental platforms.

  • Be Unique Always

  • Why would you need to repeat dresses when you can afford to wear a new one every time when you attend a function? Renting a dress gives you a wonderful opportunity to wear new designer dresses of finest quality fabric at very affordable rates so you do not have to worry about repeating the dresses for similar events.

  • Storage and Maintenance

  • If you are traveling to another place for a wedding or party, you can travel freely with fewer luggage by renting out dresses from that particular location. Also, there is no stress of maintenance and storage of costly dresses as you do if you actually own them. Instead of fretting over all these, all you need is to find the right rental platform and choose the perfect dress.