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Posted on March 27 2017



Prom night is special—and expensive. However, “special” and “expensive” don’t have to go hand-in-hand here. Your child’s prom night can be special without making a hole in your pocket. How? Well, just follow these three tips:

Establish a Budget

As a parent of a teen dying up to dress up to the nines and outdo her friends in everything, you would be making a huge mistake if you don’t establish a prom budget. Without a budget, your daughter can easily spend close to a thousand of dollars, if not more, for just a single night between the limo, makeup, hair, dress, and shoes.

Of course, you must sit with your child and take her inputs. Show her that you want to have a time of her life on her prom night but also gently make her understand your point of view.

Establishing a budget helps keep prom costs low because your child will know in advance how much she is allowed to spend. Your contribution, however, shouldn’t end here. You must show your daughter how she can get the same thing without spending so much. For instance, instead of purchasing a prom dress, which your daughter is not likely to wear again for a long time if ever, you can use services of dress rental in Singapore. This way you can easily save hundreds of dollars.

Save on dress, hair, and transport

For a prom night, your daughter is likely to spend a lot of money on dress, hairdo, and transport together. By renting a dress instead of purchasing it, you can save a considerable amount. Similarly, you can save a lot of money on hairdo and makeup, by doing them at home. There are lots of YouTube videos that can teach you how to look like a princess without hitting a salon. You can also seek help from do-it-yourself websites which have tutorials on how to make your hair look absolutely gorgeous.

You can save on limo by asking your child to share the limo with her friends. This will help not only save money but ensure your child will have more fun on her way to the venue. Your child can have a great time with her date and other friends on the way, and you can have peace of mind knowing that they have two-way transportation. You might also be able to get a discount if you book early. Some limo companies offer early-bird discounts which you can gain by booking a limo immediately after learning the prom date.

Plan fewer events, enjoy more

Because prom is such a special night, many people plan too many events for that night. For instance, some parents take their child out for a meal at a trendy restaurant before the kid goes to prom. Instead of spending money on a meal at an upscale restaurant, why don’t you invite her friends over to your place and arrange a barbecue with some music? We are sure your kid and her friends would surely love this pre-prom party.

With these tips, which you show how you can save money on evening gowns Singapore, hairdo, transport and much more, you can ensure your daughter doesn’t spend a fortune but enjoy just as much on her prom night.

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