• Top Five Starter Pieces for a Fashion Wardrobe

    Posted by Cindy Peh


    With the kind of price tag designer clothes has, affording them is almost impossible unless one robs a bank. However, you can look gorgeous without spending thousands of dollars every year on designer clothes. Here are some tips to help you achieve designer looks without spending huge amounts of money.

    Variety of Jewelry

    You must have enough variety, both in terms of style and color, of jewelry pieces. This way you’ll have something that you can wear with every outfit in your wardrobe. You will no longer have to worry about buying matching jewelry for every new outfit. Focus on variety and you’ll have more options for every outfit.

    Clothes Which Don’t Go Out of Season

    Unless you bring a fat check home every month and can afford to spend a few thousand of dollars on satisfying your need to look fashionable, you will find it hard to keep up with the majority of current trends. Trends change extremely quickly and it is not possible—or even practical—to chase after them. Instead, a better strategy is to ensure that most part of your closet is filled with clothes that are evergreen. Examples include a black cocktail dress, a flattering pair of jeans, etc. You can purchase evening gowns and cocktail dresses from any of the evening gowns shops in Singapore. You can also save a lot of money by shopping at thrift stores, where you can often find great clothes at great prices.  

    Clothes Which Match Your Body Type

    Don’t buy a dress just because it is in trend or because your friend wore it and looked great in it. Instead, purchase dresses that are suitable for your body type. For instance, women having a pear-shaped body (upper part smaller than lower part) need formal dresses which accentuate their slim shoulders and at the same time shift focus off the hips. If you have a pear-shaped body and are looking for a suitable evening dress, try halter-neck gowns. On the other hand, if you have an inverted triangle body shape (a big bust, broad shoulder and slender hips and legs), you would be much off wearing dresses having a lot of detailing in the lower half. Opt for dresses which should make your upper body more noticeable and the lower less.

    Nice Purses

    A good accessory to your dress will be a purse that will match any other bag that you are carrying with you. For instance, if you are wearing a formal gown, a clutch should go with it. Also, try not to carry more than two types of bags at one point in time.

    Smart Bras

    You should get yourself fitted for a bra from a reliable bra fit specialist. A badly fitting bra, besides looking unflattering, affects the way clothing fits you. After you’ve learned your correct bra size, buy bras having different cuts and styles, like a strapless bra, convertible bra, or plunge bra. This way you will have a lot of options to choose from.  

    Finally, don’t shy from visiting a dress rental Singapore shop in case you need a special dress for some unexpected event. There’s no point in buying an expensive dress that you plan to wear only once.

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  • How to Dress for 20s/30s Hollywood Glamour

    Posted by Alexis Soh

    Electro Ball 2017

    About Electroball

    This year’s ELECTRO BALL heralds in a renaissance of Hollywood’s Golden Age. It’s a one-night-only casting call for starry-eyed ingénues, leading men, studio moguls and wayward starlets. Embark on a three-floor cinematic Odyssey brimming with dazzling performances including live electric swing, ragtime jazz performances, showgirl coquetry and cheeky dancers. A spectacle of blockbuster proportions await, are you ready for your close-up?

    Get your tickets now: http://electroball-hollywood.peatix.com

    Style Tips for 20s/30s Hollywood Glamour

    Old-school Hollywood Glam should be 3 words – “timeless”, “elegant” and “sexy”. With WWI just ending, the post-war sentiments of the era leaped into a state of euphoria, which brought popularity to drinking, partying and the general flapper style. Following such attitude, the American fashion entered into a modern stride of sensuality – ascending hemlines, descending necklines and other flirty designs. To return to these classic looks, let’s take a cue from several silver screen sirens like Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe and etc. With Covetella’s top tips and recommendations, you’re to be the belle of the ball at this year’s Electro Ball 2017.

    1. Classic Black

    1920s Classic Black with Audrey Hepburn

    Follow the footsteps of legendary beauty – Audrey Hepburn – to recreate this sophisticated and feminine look of the golden age. Feel like a princess but dress like a queen in a sleek black gown paired with black opera gloves, chandelier earrings, and completed with strings of pearls. Even after decades, this good ol’ classic look will never go out of style.

    1. Slinky Satin

    1920s Satin Fashion with Jean Harlow

    Jean Harlow epitomises old Hollywood fashion in her allusive satin gowns that draws a careful balance between class and sensuality. If you want a look that ensues subtle glamour, slinky satin will be the perfect fit to accentuate your classic silhouettes. Appear sultry in rich burgundy or red shades and you'll look like you just stepped out of a film noir movie!

    1. Razzle Dazzle

    1930s Racy Red Dress with Marilyn Monroe

    Original blonde bombshell, Marilyn Monroe, was the sex symbol of the 1930s. Just like Monroe, be the centre of attention at Electro Ball by wearing an evening gown completely embellished with shimmery beads and sparkly sequins. Throw in a high slit or a low v-neckline to ooze with sex appeal. Lets be real…if you’ve got it, flaunt it ;)

    1. Golden Goddess

    1920s Golden Goddess Look with Gloria Swanson

    Gloria Swanson, though known for her reclusive silent film role, is anything but timid when it comes to clothes. Dripping with glamour, you too can emulate Swanson’s million-dollar look by donning a gold/bronze dress with a bejeweled headband or other show-stopping jewelry. Let guests be bewitched by the golden luminosity of your dress and have one hell of a night!

    1. Get Burlesqued

    1930s Burlesque Outfit with Josephine Baker

    Who can forget the jazz age beauty – Josephine Baker? With her signature kiss curl hair and elaborate feathered gowns, its no wonder superstars like Beyoncé and Rihanna emulate her fashion as well. If you’re the more dramatic sorts, go big or go home in a burlesque-inspired outfit that is elaborate from head to toe. Be it feathers or exaggerated ruffles, you’re sure to steal the limelight!

    1. Great Gatsby

    1920s Great Gatsby with Clara Bow

    1920s “It Girl”, Clara Bow, is one of the original queens of vintage. Back in the roaring twenties, Bow had been recognised for her wavy bob, deep-set eyes and cupid lips – qualities that pioneered the Gatsby appearance and style. This look can be easily achieved with the right outfit and accessories. Choose warm-toned dresses that are heavily embellished with sequins or beads. As for accessories, go for statement headpieces or even a feather boa for a fun touch!

    Why buy when you can rent? Get these looks at Your Infinite Dream Closet: www.Covetella.com

    From now till Electro Ball event date on 10th of June, guests who wish to rent our outfits, will enjoy 15% off by using this promotion code: ELECTROBALL2017.

    For more ideas: Check out our curated collection of hollywood glam gowns.

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  • Are You Stuck In A Fashion Statement?

    Posted by Cindy Peh


    Are you consistent with only one fashion? If you are not sure, it is time you find out.

    Some people are consistent with only one fashion and are reluctant to try out a new style. You should try this easy, simple and effective fashion screening to check if you match any of these scenarios.

    Do individuals who are confused tend to overdress more compared to others? The answer is yes. People who are confused tend to cover themselves in stiff proper and formal dresses or caps, or high-neck tops.

    Plain Dressers

    Are people who dress plainly really conceited? You guessed it right. The answer is yes. Individuals who are conceited dress less. Why? Because they feel they don’t need to dress up. They are confident in their belief that the assertive personality of theirs can easily overcome stylish fashion of their choice.

    Over Dressers

    Do overly dressed co-workers or friends get more opportunities at work? The answer is no. Lack of places to show off their stylish fashion is the reason and perhaps the only reason why overly dressed co-workers dress up everywhere they go. These people are also often particular about purchasing dresses from an up-scale store even if the same dress is available at another store at a cheaper price. And there’s no way in hell that these people will consider using services of a dress rental Singapore shop. They would rather live a full year on ramen noodles to be able to purchase a designer dress.

    Do people who love to make bold statements often brag about the price of the fashionable clothes they wear? The answer is no. These people shy away from bragging about the great bargains they managed to snag.

    Under Dressers

    Are persons who under-dress seeking attention? The answer is a definite yes. After all, who else would come in a knee-length cocktail dress with no woolen top to an event in freezing temperature? When there are so many shops where you can purchase beautiful evening gowns in Singapore, why would you wear something short on a cold night? Those who under-dress lack confidence and also want to divert attention to themselves.

    Fashionable Dressers

    Are individuals who are tidy dressers superior in fashion style than others? The answer is no. This is the impression they want to give to others. By straightening your tie or wiping lint off the jacket you are wearing what these people are actually trying to do is draw attention toward themselves. These are the kind of people who will compliment you on your beautiful evening gown and then will politely say that you probably should have worn another piece of jewelry.

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  • Make Your Clothes Work for You

    Posted by Cindy Peh


    Want to know how you can make your clothes work for you big time? Well, here are 6 top tips for you. Read on.

    Personalize Your Dress Code

    Are you eyeing a promotion or very close to one? Experts believe is it all the more important for you to really look closely at what you wear to the office. Most of the time we don’t have our own dress code and instead, we copy what others are wearing. Are you doing the same? If yes, you should make it a point to personalize your dress code to suit your personality and official position.

    Working office ladies often make the mistake of wearing ballet flats which are super-casual and completely unsuitable in the corporate world, even if the dress code in your company is smart/casual. Likewise, if there’s a formal company event, you should wear something appropriately, like a simple, elegant evening gown. There are many evening gowns Singapore shops from you easily find a full range of evening dresses to choose from.

    Make an Effort Every Day of the Week

    A number of people make the mistake of dressing up only when there’s an important meeting or when the top brass of the company is in town. They forget that their boss and colleagues see them every day and judge them based on what they wear normally. You have got to keep up with what you wear daily, only then you will be able to make a good and lasting impression.

    Be Sensible on Casual Fridays

    If you are not careful, casual Fridays can hurt you badly. It wouldn’t do much harm if you dress up little more conservatively on casual Fridays. On the other hand, wearing something inappropriate thinking it is ‘casual’ can hurt you big time. For instance, wearing linen or cotton pants through which your underwear can be seen will ruin your impression, once and for all.

    Have a Budget for Your Work Clothes

    You create a budget for your holidays, right? You even budget for new furniture. But when it comes to your work clothes, very few would think about creating a separate budget for it. It is time you set your priorities right and create a budget for your work clothes, especially if you are aiming for a promotion.

    Be Known for Something

    When we see a colleague wearing a great pair of shoes or unique jewelry, we often compliment them about it. Well, the same can happen to you. You can ensure that you are known in the office about something, like awesome shoes, handbags, or jewelry.

    Rent a Dress for a One-off Event

    If there’s a very special one-time formal event and you don’t have an appropriate dress, it is much better to rent an amazing $500 worth dress for a few dollars than buying a mediocre dress. There are many dress rental in Singapore which caters to this specific need.

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  • How to Dress for Diner En Blanc

    Posted by Alexis Soh

    Diner en Blanc 2017

    About Diner En Blanc

    Started about 30 years ago in Paris, this exciting and exclusive event has launch into a global phenomenon with over 70 cities in more than 25 countries around the world gathering and hosting guests clad in all-white ensemble at a secret venue.

    Le Dîner en Blanc aims to promote friendships and elegance, and have up the conventional expectations of picnics to a whole new level of imagination, entertainment and surprises throughout the evening. Invited guests can be a part of this magical experience by joining the waiting list: singapore.dinerenblanc.com/registerExtended closing date: 24th May 2017, 11.30pm

    Style Tips for an All-White Ensemble

    Wearing all white hue from head to toe can be tricky. It could go either way – exceptionally stylish or horrendously unflattering. Admittedly, all-white outfits are hard to pull off; but when done the right way, it instantly gives off an air of sophistication and creates a high-impact look. Thus, assembling an entire piece together and finding a flattering cut is of upmost importance. Without further ado, Covetella presents you several fashion survival tips that will take your Dîner en Blanc #ootd to brand new heights!

    1. Throw in Some Metallics

    All White Outfits with Metallics

    There are times when the colour white has been accused of making woman appear heavier than they are. To avoid this nightmare, try pairing your plain white dress with sleek silver or gold belt that not only makes the waist more apparent but also creates a flattering figure. Another must-have accessory would be a pair of chic mirrored sunglasses! Whether its cat-eye or aviators, this subtle yet impressionable addition turns an otherwise casual outfit into something sumptuous.

    2. A Pop of Colour

    All White Outfits with Bold Accessories

    Add a pop of colour to your all-white ensemble with statement necklaces and bold earrings or cuffs to give the monochromatic piece a fun twist! Bright colourful accessories take slight attention away from the clothes and instead, provide more emphasis on the adorned jewelry. However, for the less daring sorts, you could choose to add some flair by mixing different shades of white – cream or nude colours.

    3. Shine like a Diamond

    All White Outfits with Sequins

    At Covetella, we believe that no one can be “overdressed”. If you love glitz and glamour, throw on a white dress that’s embellished with sparkling sequins and shiny studs to achieve that fashion statement pizzazz. You’ll definitely be the most eye-catching person at the event!

    4. Greek Goddess

    All White Outfits - Greek Goddess Style

    Who says a flattering dress must be tight or body-hugging? You can still channel your inner goddess with an elegant dress that’s streamlined and stripped of excesses, providing sleek silhouettes that will turn heads anywhere and everywhere you go. More so, a flowy and breezy dress will be most perfect for Singapore’s scorching weather.

    5. Play with Textures

    All White Outfits with Different Textures

    Forget cotton and polyester, the key to looking great in white is to play with textures. Try wearing clothes made of a different fabric – sheer, lace or crochet. These textures elevate the simplicity of an all-white dress and are the perfect touch to an afternoon of alfresco dining. Additionally, incorporating bold prints or embroidery onto your clothes is another way to spice up a simple outfit!

    6. Cut-Outs

    All White Outfits with Cut-Outs

    Dresses with unique cut-outs can help break up the all-white look to make a jaw-dropping statement.

    7. Bold Lips

    All White Outfits and Bold Lipsticks

    When you’re entirely donned in white, let your makeup do the talking. Go big and bold with daring lip colours like bright red or neon orange tones to achieve the ultimate summer vibes. Against the white frame, its brightness will make your look fresh and crisp!

    Last but not least, remember to carry a pocket-size instant stain remover in case of any unwanted mishaps! You can never be too careful when it comes to all-white.

    Why buy when you can rent? Get these looks at Your Infinite Dream Closet: www.Covetella.com

    From now till Le Diner en Blanc event date on 3rd of June, DEB members who wish to rent our outfits, will enjoy 15% off by using this promotion code: DEBSG2017.

    For more ideas: Check out our curated collection of all white dresses.


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